Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What is GOD??

Let me now take the liberty to touch on a rather controversial topic. The debate has been in existence since the powerful reasoning capabilities of humans appeared. What was rudimentary representations of a supreme power has now taken many forms. I take this opportunity, as an atheist, to represent my thoughts and justify it with reasons which i feel is rational. Ill be very objective in my approach towards such a topic and anyone who feels the existence of inherent fallacies in my claims are welcome to help me improve my perception.

Definition of GOD : What is god? God is a very abstract representation of the term FAITH. Also its our way to satiate an abysmal curiosity.
As a social creature, we humans rely on each other to share emotions and seek comfort with one another. Now when an entire community is beset by a calamity, we are forced to seek comfort in something which we feel is the only thing that can save us. This faith in something supreme and far more powerful than humans is what is termed God.
Also humans are endowed with the power of reasoning and this has led us humans to voluntarily/involuntarily search for answers to chronically self imposed questions. Things which were beyond our perception and beyond any logical background, which was a direct result of a lack of depth in the scientific understanding, were associated with superficial answers to merely satiate ourselves.

God is something which every community believes in and naturally has different names and representations.
We can however identify common traits associated with Gods of totally disconnected communities. For instance,

All Gods are associated with Supreme power and the power of creating and controlling every entity on this planet-Easiest way of explaining anomalous phenomena.
All Representations are always ideal. We don't usually come across a disfigured or a handicapped God or an Obese God.
All non abstract representations of God always take the form of a human or some creature which is an identifiable entity on earth. Its clear that we are limited by our perception and hence restrict the God's form as well.
Every community inevitably turns to God in times of distress and this clearly is their form of hope which keeps their life moving.

Now i want to pose a few questions to the theists and ill be glad if they're answered with a rational explanation.

It is assumed that everything must, in essence, require a creator and God is that creator. If we continue the logic, God also must posses a creator. So who created God?? Another God? If yes who created him?? This leads to an infinite cycle. My answer is Man created God for the reasons I've stated earlier.

Why is God always a Human in most cases? Why can't we have a cat or a rat as a God?? We have these animals as messengers of God but not as God themselves. My answer is that we consider ourselves as supreme, next only to god. To look up to animals or insects as God will not permit our conscious to do so. The only supreme being which we have perceived is ourselves and so we represent Gods as humans but only with Superpowers.

Why are there so many different representations of God? Most people claim that God is one but have many forms. But why? To satisfy people of different communities?? Its mainly because people have represented Gods who are more agreeable in form with respect to their perception which is limited to their community. We don't have Chinese or Black God's in Hindu culture!

Just because something is beyond our current level of understanding doesn't mean that we infer that something imaginary is the answer. It only hinders our progress and fills our mind with ignorance. People follow cultures without even a sense of its purpose. Many are outdated with respect to the current situation and yet people follow them scrupulously. Instead if one takes the time out to study the actual problem at hand, one can arrive at many feasible solutions. I conclude my, rather vague analysis and leave my discussions out in the open hoping some one's views might identify and fallacy which was beyond my perception due to ignorance. All i can say is Belief in oneself is far more promising than belief in God and is a definite sign of strong mental health and confidence.